Dabbin Glow Ink Markers
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New Dabbin' Glow bingo ink markers, featuring super fluorescent ink, are available in 8 eye-catching colours to brighten up your bingo!

Dabbin Glow
Groove Grip Bottle
Ink Bottle Sizes
Easy Dab Applicator

Ink Colours

Brighten up your bingo with Arrow International's new Dabbin' Glow bingo ink. It features super fluorescent ink and a clear bottle and sleeve for maximum glow under blacklights; including the ball cap! Players will love dabbing these super bright colours with or without blacklights. Available in 8 fluorescent colours.

Dabbin Glow Ink
Colours Part Numbers
80 ml
Red #93026201100
Orange #93026201103
Yellow #93026201111
Pink #93026201105
Purple #93026201119
Blue #93026201101
Teal #93026201116
Lime Green #93026201128
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Dabbin Glow Bingo Ink
Ditch those bright house lights for some black lights and get the party started with Dabbin' Glow & Arrow's Fluorescent Bingo Paper!

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