Cheers Bingo Ink


Cheers; the neighborhood bar “where everybody knows your name.”
Most of the action in the classic comedy series takes place within the confines of the title bar, and in many ways the bar itself is as much a character as Sam, Carla and the rest of the cast.

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  • Groove Grip bottle - ergonomic, easy to hold, comfortable
  • Non-smearing, fast-drying Dabbin' Fever® ink formula
  • Easy dab applicator


  • Available in red, blue, green, and purple ink
  • 80ml with 24mm applicator tip
  • Bulk case quantity by colour
  • 144 bottles per case, packed 12/12 packs
Cheers Licensed Bingo Ink
Colours Part Numbers
80 ml
Sam -Red #93016200200
Woody - Blue #93016200201
Norm - Green #93016200202
Carla - Purple #93016200219
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